Four days to go – Swab-a-thon in Toronto

It’s hard to believe that the Swab-a-thon aka Awareness Event is almost here. Not only is the word getting out there, but the effort to find a donor for Dr. Abhijit Guha is also getting media attention.

Angie Seth of OMNI News: South Asian Edition did a two-part series on the need to increase South Asian participation in the OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network on Monday and Tuesday.

Aparita Bhandari has also brought up the drive a few weeks ago on CBC Radio One’s Metro Morning, the Toronto morning show with Andy Barrie on 99.1 FM. She will be talking about it again on Thursday morning. UPDATE: It was a lovely piece with an interview with Abhijit Guha, very sensitively done. The audio is available at Metro Morning for the week. And Andy Barrie mentioned the Swab-a-thon. Yeah!

We’ve also been approached by Tamu Townsend of Montreal, whose brother Emru just received a transplant. They worked really hard to increase ethnic participation in the registry. Carolyn Tam, who is waiting for a transplant, and was also the driving force to bring East Asians to OneMatch, has also given our support.

Their response and networks reminds us how interconnected we all are and how we can all work to help each other!

Please pass on the message and let’s help the almost 600 people waiting in Canada for a transplant. Could you be the one?


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