Bone marrow donors could help save little Alishba

Little Alishba Qamer is waiting for a miracle, for someone to save her life, after doctors gave her just two months to live in May. (Birmingham Post, August 4, 2008)

Alishba is 9 months old and needs a bone marrow transplant. Her family is working with The Anthony Nolan Trust to increase awareness and donor registration.

“Izra Iqbal, the charity’s donor recruitment manager, explained that of the 396,000 people on the national register, only four per cent are of South Asian origin.

“There is a real lack of awareness in people from ethnic communities. There are no long-term side effects in joining the register and it can really help the community around you.””

Here in Canada, only two per cent of people on the OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network are of South Asian origin.


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